Meaning of IJMB

IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board. It is a examination run, monitored and supervised by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. 

Many universities in Nigeria takes IJMB as a requirement for direct entity admission into 200 level.the programme is designed to solve and counter the problem of admission for candidates seeking admissions into Nigeria universities .

The examination of this programs usually come up February of every year in designated universities ,polytechnics and college of educations ,while the results are usually being released by April whereby the students are to purchase a direct entry form from JAMB offices and then apply to any school of their choice

Conquentely students with deficiency or default in their o’level results can also apply for the programme as to there will be make ups towards this results.

The score grade points of ijmb include

70%-100% A.5points

60%-69% B.4points

50%-59% C.3points

45%-49% D.2points

40%-44% E.1points

39%below F.0points

The registeration for 2017/2018 session has commenced and lectures are about to kick off…hurry call any of our toll lines for more information and enquiry 



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